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Indian Patent Trends

In this quarter (April - June, 2018), Indian Patent Office (IPO) has published around 10497 patent applications and granted 3109 patents.

Trends in Indian Patent publications – Top Applicants, Inventors & IPC Codes of the quarter

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) tops the applicants list by publishing more than 234 patents. The majority of the inventions fall under these classes:

Other top applicants, most active inventors and the most prominent IPC codes can also be viewed in this section. Click on ‘My MCPaIRSTM and discover more interesting analysis of patent publication patterns for this quater.



Semiconductor Processing Technology

The objective of the search was to find Semiconductor Processing Technology in LIDAR and RADAR domain. The search was carried out for the Patents/Application which was published in April 2018. Based on the search few key insights have been identified.





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Product Update

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