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                                                                                      MCPaIRS    TM   Newsletter

                 Hello Everyone,

                 We hope you and your family are staying safe!

                 Molecular Connections is actively monitoring the spread of COVID-19 & are

                 very well equipped to operate our business as usual.

                 As an ISO 27001:2013 certified company, the BCP at Molecular Connections
                 is adequate to maintain the Production & Development Capacity using home
                 base teams.

                 As we continue to work together to “flatten the curve” here are the latest IP
                 Office updates for INDIA, that you may find interesting reading.   We have
                 also put together a research report on β Coronavirus. These plans were
                 developed to cover any contingency that might interrupt day-to-day business,
                 and have been updated to account for new challenges caused by COVID-19.

                 We will continue to provide our best-in-class service and will execute plans to
                 maintain our operations without interruption, regardless of our ability to
                 access our offices in this unlikely occurrence.

                 Our senior staff are equipped to work remotely if this becomes necessary
                 with appropriate access to systems and services to maintain the level of
                 production and/or development you are accustomed to.

                 We have asked our employees to reschedule non-essential travel plans and
                 events, and we will continue to update our staff and workspaces with the
                 latest health and wellness practices and tips provided by Govt. Of India (GOI)
                 Ministry of Health. We will continue to actively monitor the situation and
                 share updates as needed.

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