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            MILACE BATRA

            During a war, the Military finds it difficult to inspect in a close range and in space
            there is no apt wheel and body design to provide suspension and move properly.
            Therefore, our solution is our very own project MILACE BATRA. Its main feature is that
            it uses Ni-Ti alloy tyre to provide super suspension and it can inspect war or enemy
            military bases in any direction, i.e. 360 degrees. It can also detect mines, missiles and
            other explosives. It also detects signs of life, i.e. it detects if a person is alive or dead.

                                                       Publication date:   06/03/2020
                                                       Assignee:            1. D. SERALATHAN

                                                                            2. J.V.JEEVA ARAVINTH
                                                                            3. M. MOHAMMED ESHAAK
                                                                            4. NIKHIL BIJU VEYCCAL

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